Since the founding of Emmanuel School, there has been a committed team of staff working to support and promote a caring Christian ethos across the whole school under the umbrella term ‘Chaplaincy team’. The current team is lead by Sarah Anderson (Assistant Principal). Members of the team come from a variety of church backgrounds and include staff and ministers. There is also growing involvement from youth leaders from local churches.

The Chaplaincy Team serves the school in many ways:

Leadership and Management

In order to ensure that the Chaplaincy team at Emmanuel clearly impacts the life of the school, the Strategic Chaplaincy group is strongly linked to the senior team. Sarah Anderson as Assistant Principal with responsibility for ethos and values, ensures that there is a direct link through her role between Chaplaincy and all members of SLT. Also, the Chaplain serves as a trustee and governor for the School, developing the vision and ethos, helping with staff appointments, and contributing to curriculum development, finance, strategy, communications and admissions.

Engagement in Worship

A wide number of staff from both the strategic and wider Chaplaincy teams are actively engaged in leading and coordinating worship opportunities for students.  Monthly communion services are organised by the Strategic group and a single year group is invited so that the message can be clearly directed to their school experience and ensure that students feel able to engage as relevant to their faith journey and experience.  A dedicated chaplaincy Act of Worship team support the coordination and delivery of Acts of Worship to year groups and all staff lead interactive prayer activities across the school community. Also, each staff briefing prayer is lead by a dedicated staff prayer team who pray into a key value of the school relevant to that week.

Supporting Staff, Students and Parents on their Faith Journey

Chaplains are involved in providing a cohesive framework and oversight of activities, events and initiatives across the school, which enable members of the Emmanuel community to begin exploring Christian faith or enabling them to deepen and develop their faith in today’s modern world. September 2017 saw an exciting re-launch of an extensive program of Chaplaincy enrichment lead by the Chaplain and Chaplaincy Youth Worker.

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Facilitating a sharing of resources locally, nationally and internationally

Our team continue to reach out beyond the school community to support staff and students in their partnership work with community schools, churches, charities and organisations. We are encouraged by our increased links with Church schools and Chaplaincy teams beyond the city.

Christian Pastoral Care, Guidance and Support for the whole school community—parents, carers, staff and students

The team are available to provide pastoral ministry, giving a listening ear, to help and support people across the school community, following in the footsteps of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Encouragement and support for the teaching of a God centred vision and ethos across the whole School curriculum

As a Christian School we have a clear vision to help build a faith perspective across the whole School curriculum.  Teachers are therefore encouraged to respond to the challenges of delivering their subject though a Christian world view.

Participation in Events and Ceremonies

Chaplains are involved in supporting and helping to work for the success of school community events such as the Year 6 Open Evening and Celebration Evening.


The Strategic Chaplaincy team help organise and support the many ways in which people pray for school life through staff prayer in briefing, interactive prayer activities in tutor time and engagement in national initiatives and responses such as Thy Kingdom Come in May 2017 and praying for Manchester and other cities devastated by terrorist attacks.

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