We are all on a journey, and all have a story to tell. As we grow and develop in faith, so we need others to journey with us, and share in the developments of our own faith pathway. The Chaplaincy team, which involves over 30 staff and a large number of students across all year groups provides the direction for this work, supporting and resourcing outstanding Acts of Worship for Year Groups, Houses and Tutor Groups, alongside facilitating a huge number of faith development activities, including Showcase, Revival Worship, Community Leadership, Deeper, Bible Study, Parents’ Prayer, Staff Celebration Events, Church School Leadership Development, OneStory, Christians in Sport, Art/Faith activities, Sizewell camps and Residential programmes.


Christians in Sport – a weekly opportunity for students to engage in faith through sport, using the ‘Pray, Play, Say’ motto. This group equips students to develop their faith and also to share it with their fellow sportspeople, as well as playing a wide range of competitive sports together.


Revival Worship – once a fortnight, Sixth Form students lead a contemporary worship service at lunchtime alongside musicians from God’s Vineyard Church in the Chapel. It is a fantastic opportunity for students and staff to gather together to pray and worship in a highly engaging and creative way.

Deeper – for students who are looking to develop their faith at a more advanced level, Deeper provides a weekly opportunity for in depth Bible Study and prayer, engaging with the big questions of life and faith and encouraging each other on in our own journeys.

Bible Study – this group meets weekly to look at a wide variety of biblical passages and allows students to help each other to reflect on the text, and its application for their own lives.

ShowcaseShowcase – these groups operate in Years 7, 8 and 9 and allow students to explore faith in a highly engaging and fun way, using a range of film clips, games and discussions. Year 8 and 9 Showcase groups also serve the community in practical ways, hosting tea parties for elderly residents, and undertaking ‘random acts of kindness’ projects in the local community to express God’s love.

Community Leadership – Sixth Form students spend 2 hours per week serving their local community and developing their own leadership skills in a range of practical projects, including teaching within school, serving as part of the local church, sports coaching and working in youth work and charity projects.

Parents’ Prayer – on a termly basis, parents and governors gather together with senior staff to pray for the life of the school – this reflective event includes sung worship and undergirds the development of the school in prayer.

Staff Celebration Events – Chaplaincy staff gather half termly to worship, pray and celebrate their faith together, taking time out of their schedules to meet together and share in their faith development.

OneStory – this publication is produced annually capturing the development of faith in students and staff through a range of personal stories. God is at work in the lives of his people, and this publication captures this is in a very tangible and inspiring manner.