Homework Assignments

Homework plays an important part of school life and contributes to student progress and attainment. At The Nottingham Emmanuel School, we believe it plays a key role in extending the knowledge, understanding and skills that are developed in school and provides students with the opportunity to practice consolidate and/or extend their learning.

At The Nottingham Emmanuel School, we believe that homework should be set:
· to help all students make progress
· to allow practice, consolidation and/or extension of the learning taking place in class
· to embed key content into the long term memory (‘Make it Stick Homework)
· to reinforce and develop mastery of key skills
· to engage in wider reading and research to prepare for future learning
· to give students time to reflect on learning, correct any mistakes and to act of feedback to improve

All homework tasks are planned thoughtfully by teachers to suit the learning of their own classes and as such, will vary between subjects and key stages. As such, no prescriptive timetable is required but it is expected that Heads of Department and Directors of Learning Communities will closely monitor the quality and frequency, supported by their SLT Line Manager.

From January 2018, all homework set for all students will be recorded on Moodle (accessed via the school homepage). Homework tasks will be listed in the order in which they are due and details will be given as to exactly what the student is expected to do so as to support students in organising their time and meeting deadlines. Parents and carers can login using their child’s school login details.

Please contact Mrs Woffindin-Taylor (lwo@emmanuel.nottingham.sch.uk) if you have any questions or issues.

The Nottingham Emmanuel School