About Libraries

The library seeks to live out the schools aims and ethos. We believe that throughout their education every child is entitled to the following areas of provision and will endeavour to deliver them. Library

Students are entitled to support from designated library staff with extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to advise, encourage and inspire wider reading and reading for pleasure to ensure fair provision for all. Our library staff take responsibility for helping students develop the skills needed to manage today’s information and become lifelong learners who are able to meet their future roles as problem solvers and independent thinkers.

The library offers a safe and secure environment for learning during and outside school hours, where help, resources and advice are freely available to all. Our library staff will work with departments to select high quality and wide-ranging library and classroom resources to support the curriculum carefully considering the needs of their age, learning style and ability and will be organised to provide easy access and availability.

The library community will value every member of the student population as an individual, having access to reading materials which with the skills and support of a library professional can be used to their advantage.

Library Catalogue