GCSE Results Day

GCSE Results Day

August 25th 2017

There was an atmosphere of great excitement at The Nottingham Emmanuel School in anticipation of today’s GCSE results.

Analysis of the results show that there has been a 10% leap in the number of students gaining strong passes in Maths and English. Principal Derek Hobbs says, “This is despite national changes raising the level of demand; the removal of coursework, modules and exam retakes. A record 62% of Emmanuel students achieved the benchmark of a grade 4 in both English and Maths, with almost half achieving a grade 5 in both subjects. As a result, more students than ever will be able to progress to A Level courses or equivalent, many in Emmanuel’s own Sixth Form.”

There were some notable results for some students at the school including Tobias, who achieved two grade 9s and 8 other A and A* grades and Aadil and Henry, who each achieved one grade 9 a number of other A and A* grades.

Tobias said he was pleasantly surprised, “I think I expected my Science, Maths and Spanish results, but in English, though I am good at it, I didn’t think I would get above a grade 7. So, to get a 9 is really weird! I am staying on at Emmanuel to do my A levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.” Fellow student Itasha (one grade 9 and 7 other A and A* grades) said she hadn’t had much sleep thinking about today. “I wasn’t expecting so much from my results, maybe some C equivalents and I tried to stop worrying because I couldn’t change things. But I am so happy with the results I have, I even got a 9 in English Language! Last night I was sick with worry and was shaking on the bus on my way here. I hope my family will be proud.”

Miss Kat Carrick (Joint Director of English with Kevin Aistrup) said the results outperformed national expectations, “This year saw completely new qualifications for both English Literature and Language, as well as Maths, which were tougher, included more content and were assessed on 100% examination. The grade 9 was introduced to help identify the exceptional students in each subject and was only awarded to the top 2% of attainers in the country. We were so excited to see that our students outperformed this, with ten Grade 9s across both courses and three students achieving a 9 in both Language and Literature. We are incredibly proud of our students, whose resilience, determination and work ethic has brought about these excellent results, and also of the amazing team of teachers who supported them through it!”