Key Stage 3 Mock General Election

Key Stage 3 Mock General Election

June 18th 2017

On the day before to the recent general election, Key Stage 3 students were given the opportunity to vote for which political party they thought would be best placed to form the new UK government in a mock election. To help them make this important decision, students used a number of tutor time beforehand to learn how general elections work and to establish the key issues – in addition to what they already knew – of the 5 main political parties. They studied the campaign material produced by the political parties themselves, both local and nationally. This helped the students to recognise the difference in the issues each party was highlighting on their literature. Students were given the important manifesto pledges from each party on issues such as education, health and the environment, allowing them to compare the promises each party was making to the electorate. These activities created much discussion amongst students, who thoroughly enjoyed debating which political party should be elected.

Very early on in the counting a clear winner was emerging, and the final results were…

The Labour Party – 70.1 %
The Conservative Party – 14.9 %
UKIP – 5.5 %
The Green Party – 4 %
The Liberal Democrats – 2.5 %
None – 3 %

With a resounding victory of just over 70% of the votes, the Labour party was elected by our KS3 students to form a new government.