Member of Youth Parliament

Member of Youth Parliament

November 14th 2017

A Nottingham Emmanuel School student has spoken at the House of Commons as an elected Member of the UK Youth Parliament.

Representing the views of Nottingham’s youth voice, Year 12 student Sami meets fellow Members of the Youth Parliament (MYP’s) from the region on a regular basis to discuss the issues that they feel strongly about and with a view to debating their ideas at Parliament. Sami said, “I have been a Member of Youth Parliament for 3 years, and was elected by the young people of Nottinghamshire. I meet with other MYP’S to talk about the issues affecting young people mostly in their local area. This is supported through work done by ‘Make Your Mark Campaign’ where MYP’S manifesto points are put forward to a ballot sheet. Young people from all over the UK then vote for the topic which they feel affects them the most and we take the top 5 points and debate them in the House of Commons live on television! This year I was selected as one of only 3 young people in Nottinghamshire to be invited to spend two days in the House of Commons debating issues affecting young people. I was privileged enough to speak for a third time on the topic of Votes at 16, which is a campaign point about lowering the voting age to 16 and one that I feel passionately about.”

Lucy Tickle, Head of Sixth Form and Associate Assistant Principal at The Nottingham Emmanuel School said that Sami’s efforts are inspiring to staff and students. “We are immensely proud of Sami and his work with the UK Youth Parliament. He is passionate about giving youth a voice and uses his elected platform to represent the views of young people from across Nottingham. It was an incredible opportunity to spend two days at the House of Commons discussing the issue of votes for 16-year olds in a debate chaired by the speaker, Rt Hon John Bercow MP.

“As a Sixth Form, we are delighted that Sami demonstrates so much commitment to maintaining and improving the rights of young people in his community; a value at the heart of our ethos at The Nottingham Emmanuel School”.