Salter’s Institute National Award for Science Technicians

Salter’s Institute National Award for Science Technicians

November 7th 2017

The Nottingham Emmanuel School is celebrating the achievements of its science technicians as they have been announced as the winners of the prestigious Salter’s National Awards for Science Technicians.

The annual awards were established in 2002 by The Salter’s Institute in association with the Association for Science Education, The Institute of Physics, The Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Awards’ aim is to highlight the importance of technicians in enabling high quality practical work in education, and the support and upskilling of its technicians.

Lead Science Technician at The Nottingham Emmanuel School, Adam Innis said he was thrilled at the news. “We were shocked to get the award! I put the application in and thought we would see how far we could go. Then suddenly the judges were coming to see us, and we started thinking that we might have a shot at it!”

Adam says he and his colleague have tried to go the extra mile in everything they do. “We made a decision that we were not going to just ‘get by’ doing this job.” Science Technician Harriet Scott agreed, “I was delighted at the news. I have a natural competitive streak and wanted to win! I think we demonstrated to the judges that we have added considerable value to the Science Department, through our expertise and motivation.”

The initial shortlist of 90 schools nationwide was streamlined to 8 schools who were visited by members of the awarding panel in September. Now the team at The Nottingham Emmanuel School will travel to the Salter’s Institute Awards Ceremony at Salter’s Hall in London in December to receive their award and £1000 prize money to use in their department.

Harriet said that they would use the award money to buy things of practical help to their work. “We are going to buy some trolleys and shelves I think! We had initially earmarked some of the money for career development courses, but happily the school recognises our commitment will help with that, leaving us with the option of updating some of our equipment.” Adam says the prize money will help them to fulfil their hopes for the department. “We want to promote science as much as we can and want to do that by providing exciting practical lessons for the students at The Nottingham Emmanuel School.”