University of Nottingham Chemistry Visit

University of Nottingham Chemistry Visit

January 31st 2017

On Tuesday 24 January, the Year 12 A Level Chemists visited the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. The students attended seminars on cutting-edge metal Chemistry research, saw the exciting Chemistry videos for which the School of Chemistry is renowned, and heard about the role of Chemists in discovering new medicines and how these are brought to market. Finally, they were treated to the School’s infamous – and slightly scary – ‘Thunder and Lightning’ demonstration of flashes, bangs and full-on explosions, where they found out how some creatures make their own light, just how much energy is really in a Mars Bar and the difference between home-made and commercial gunpowder!”

Links to the Chemistry videos can be found here:

“I found this trip very enlightening and sparked an interest in pharmaceutical manufacturing”

“I enjoyed the trip as it allowed me to put my knowledge into context and the best thing was the explosions!”