September’s new students are getting to know each other

September’s new students are getting to know each other

May 26th 2017

The Nottingham Emmanuel School welcomed 119 year 6 students to a ‘Getting to Know You’ event designed to aid the smooth transition of pupils who will start at the school in September.

Emily Wragg, Student Services Office Manager at the school said it was just the first of a variety of events planned with a second similar event taking place on 13 June. “We wanted to provide the opportunity to introduce the students not only to each other, but to the school building and their new teachers.” Various activities were on offer including ‘people bingo’, science experiments and a drama and dance workshop based around The Lion King. “Students had fun representing the different animals in the film and were given masks to help them get into character. The best efforts were judged by Mr Marsh (Achievement and Pastoral Manager for Year 7) from a selection of very realistic and enthusiastic impressions!” Emily says that familiarising September’s new students with the staff, buildings and each other, will ensure they feel more confident when they start at the school. “The ‘Getting to Know You’ events help students to feel that they are already part of our school community.”

During the evening, the new students were helped by Nottingham Emmanuel School student buddies, who, with an understanding of what it is like to make the move to ‘big’ school, were there to help the visitors navigate the building. Tonia Richardson, a Year 8 student, said she remembers what it feels like to be new, “I didn’t know many people when I came to this school and I remember that being a cause for worry. That’s why these events are so helpful. The ‘people bingo’ at the beginning meant that lots of students have already made new friends and won’t be so worried about that now.”

Senga Hill, Academic Mentor at the school said that the turnout was impressive, “There was huge enthusiasm to engage with our transition programme this year with the number attending again increasing on previous years. Feedback forms from students who attended has also been very positive with 95% saying they had made new friends by the end of the evening and when asked what we could do to make it better, the majority of respondents answered ‘nothing’, which is great! One year 6 student left feedback saying, ‘I really liked it and it was really fun, I liked Science the most. Thank you!’”