Sixth Form ‘Into University’ Workshops

Sixth Form ‘Into University’ Workshops

November 8th 2017

At the end of September, thirty Year 13 students attended ‘Into University’ workshops, consisting of 4 carousels aimed at preparing them for higher education or employment.  The carousel focussed on:

  •         Student finance: Students discussed the different things that university students might spend their money on and were introduced to Student Finance, covering the support that is available to them, the application process and additional sources of funding such as grants and bursaries.
  •         Networking: Students discussed the importance of networking and making a good impression, thinking about how they would react in a given scenario at university and how they may adapt their approach as the scenario changes.
  •         Learning styles: Students took part in a “mock seminar” and were introduced to the importance of note-taking and exploring their reading.
  •         CVs: Students began by defining “transferable skill” and “CV”. Next, they were introduced to the STAR technique, which was then used to communicate an experience or skill in a concise way. Finally, students completed a card sort to create both a “good” and “bad” CV.

Following on from these morning workshops, there were one-to-one support sessions for writing personal statement in the afternoon.