Sixth Formers Gift Bags for the Nottingham Hospital Neonatal Ward

Sixth Formers Gift Bags for the Nottingham Hospital Neonatal Ward

December 18th 2017

Continuing our support for the Nottingham Hospitals Charity, on Wednesday 28th November we welcomed visitors from the Neonatal Unit at the QMC and City Hospital. They talked to our Year 12 and 13 students about the work they do on a daily basis and discussed ways in which we could develop a long-standing partnership to support them.

It was agreed that we would collect small items to put inside a gift bag, which could then be given to the brothers and sisters of the babies whilst they visit their sibling – items such as pens, colouring books and small toys. These gift bags can be a vital distraction at a very challenging time.
Laura, a Year 13 student here at The Nottingham Emmanuel Sixth Form, has been responsible for driving through this partnership, having contacted the ward directly to see how we could help. We now have a team of 15 students who have volunteered to help collect and organise these donations from the rest of the year group.

Laura said “I chose to help the Neonatal Unit because they give babies a fighting chance at their most fragile stage in life, and the work they do can only go so far without support. Due to everyone at the unit having the highly important task of looking after the babies, other family members sometimes may feel left behind; I feel that it is just as important to make sure the siblings of the babies are happy and feel supported during their time in the unit. The Sixth Form is very excited to give their aid to such a great cause in whatever way we can come up with, and I hope we can make a change for the families of the babies, not just now, but as we move into the new year too.”