Year 7 Sherwood Pines Trip 2017

Year 7 Sherwood Pines Trip 2017

November 8th 2017

On the 5th and 6th of October the quiet of Sherwood Pines was replaced by the excited chatter of Year 7 students from Emmanuel for their team building day.  When we first arrived we were welcomed by the Ranger, Lindsey, who told us lots of interesting facts about the forest, the wildlife, and her family.  Everyone then took part in three different activities – the World War 1 Trench Experience, Pond Dipping and Shelter Building.

The first part of the Trench Experience was a ‘Kit Relay,’ in which we competed in teams to dress a student as a WW1 soldier.  Students from 701 said, ‘we found it really interesting to hear about the conditions that the soldiers experienced in the trenches and writing a post card home after spending just a few minutes in the cramped, smelly conditions of the replica trench made us all feel thankful for the quality of our own lives.  We think that the experience will help us empathise with the characters in Private Peaceful, which we are reading in our English lessons.’

During pond dipping some students found interesting creatures they had never seen before such as pond skaters and damselfly nymphs.  We learnt that it is important to put the creatures back in the pond once you have finished looking at them as that is where they live.

After two activities, we had lunch.  The weather was great on both days so we were all able to sit on tree stumps outside in the sunshine to eat our lunches.

I enjoyed building a shelter because I learnt more about my friends and tutor.  When we had finished our shelters Mr Marsh jokingly poured water over us!  Some students got wet and some stayed dry.

After the three activities we just had time for a quick toilet break and then it was time to head back to school.

Sana and Mrs Mills with thanks to 701​