Achievement and Pastoral Managers

All of the Tutor Groups and Tutors are managed by the Achievement and Pastoral Manager. This person is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the Year group and monitoring overall academic progress. They co-ordinate intervention programmes and ensure that the whole year group work together effectively and maintain high standards of behaviour. The APM is available to support parents and tutors in more serious matters of concern relating to any aspect of school life or when initial attempts to resolve issues with the tutor or subject teacher have not been successful. The APMs also help to organise and lead our programme of Year Acts of Worship.

Achievement and Pastoral Care

Oliver Marsh

Year 7 Achievement and Pastoral Manager

Greg Jackson

Year 8 Achievement and Pastoral Manager

Julie Morley

Year 9 Achievement and Pastoral Manager

Matt Irons

Year 10 Achievement and Pastoral Manager

Simon Glover

Year 11 Achievement and Pastoral Manager

Joe Irons

Sixth Form Achievement and Pastoral Manager

The Nottingham Emmanuel School