Curriculum Intent

Intent statement

The science curriculum at Emmanuel will provide students with the new knowledge needed to navigate the modern world. This will allow our students to develop their scientific literacy which will enable them to make informed decisions. This will empower and equip our students to be good role models, who are mindful of the word around them and give them the skills to make meaningful contributions to society. We aim to remove barriers to learning through raising aspirations via an inclusive and diverse curriculum for all students.

Diversity statement

Our curriculum represents the diversity of our students by promoting science as accessible to all. We will use inclusive language, images and texts and promote scientific role models that represent the diversity of our school community. We will deliver the science curriculum with an awareness of the different religious beliefs of our students whilst being mindful of any unconscious bias.


AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Combined Science

Students follow the AQA GCSE science courses. Students will follow either Combined Science (Trilogy) which is worth two GCSEs or separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In both routes, students will study all three Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The route taken does not affect the chances of students being eligible to study A Level Sciences at post-16.

Assessment is by 6 examinations which cover the content below:

Biology – Cell biology, Organisation, Infection and response, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis and response, Inheritance, variation and evolution, Ecology.

Chemistry – Atomic structure and the periodic table, Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter, Quantitative chemistry, Chemical changes, Energy changes, The rate and extent of chemical change, Organic chemistry, Chemical analysis, Chemistry of the atmosphere, Using resources-

Physics – Energy, Electricity, Particle model of Matter, Atomic Structure and radiation, Forces, Waves, Electricity and magnetism, Space.



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