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What am I going to do now I’ve ‘finished’ Year 11?

As we find ourselves in the midst of extraordinary times, the end of Year 11 looks very different to what we all expected. Employers, colleges and universities will want to know how you continued to educate and better yourself in the months of gained time. We have summarised below a range of activities that you can be completing whether you are planning on going to sixth form, college or applying for an apprenticeship.


Unifrog is the main hub used in Sixth Form for everything to do with careers and employability. Whether you’re planning on going to Sixth Form or College, or applying for an apprenticeship, or even looking at future employment and training, Unifrog has a wealth of tools to support you over the coming months.

Unifrog – Student Launch

Unifrog Guidance

‘Money matters’ – understanding and managing finance:

The school has made resources available for students to work through at an appropriate pace to them, covering topics such as income and expenditure, different types of tax, budgeting and interest. Students can use the information to build up understanding, and the mindmap templates to record their notes as they work through. If you have any questions about the content, please email Mr Saunders or Mr Irons.

‘Core Maths’ programme:

Your maths teachers will continue to set you work on Hegarty, appropriate to your working grade. Depending on your ability in Maths, this work will help you keep building your understanding of key topics, start transition work for Year 12, or to keep working on topics ahead of potentially re-sitting Maths GCSE at college or Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Transition Work:

This extraordinary period of time allows you to thoroughly prepare for the A Level (Level 3) & GCSE (Level 2) courses you will be starting in September.  Please visit and click on the ‘Summer Activities Booklet’ to find a host of subject specific tasks to complete over the next few months. This early preparation is absolutely invaluable in terms of ensuring that you can ‘hit the ground running’ in September and make a smooth and successful transition into Sixth Form.

Your teachers are also working on additional work for you, so that you have a chance to work on any content from GCSE that you need to cover before starting courses in September – this will be available after Easter.

NES Summer Reads:

This extraordinary period of time also allows you to take some time to rediscover a love of reading. If you’re looking for some inspiration, please go to the ‘Summer Reading Guide’ on the Sixth Form area of the school website to find a host of subject specific recommended reads alongside a range of diverse reads that have something for everyone: These will act as really good preparation for your Sixth Form courses.

Dynamic Learning and additional reading:

Dynamic Learning is a platform for a huge range of magazine articles about almost any subject! Whether you’re planning on going to Sixth Form or College, Dynamic Learning has a wealth of resources to support you over the coming months. The attached guide also shows you how to make the most of Nottingham City library, to further support your reading over the coming months.

Year 11 Non-Fiction Reading Guide

Well-Being Activities:

Whilst society is being asked to stay indoors and socially isolate, it is important to take particular care of your physical and mental health. There are lots of things that you can and should be doing to keep happy and well during this time. Consider doing the following:

  • Plan your days – your normal routine might be disrupted and that can be stressful. Take some time to write down how you want to spend your day. Creating and sticking to a new routine will give you a sense of order and normality and it will make your return to education or employment in the coming months feel much easier
  • Stay connected – (video) call with friends or find a positive online community
  • Feel productive – make a list of all those things you said you would do but never get round to, for example, sorting out your room. These tasks can make you feel productive and give you a sense of accomplishment. Tidying your living space can also make you feel calmer and more positive.
  • Listen to music – never understand the psychological benefits of listening to tunes you love!
  • Learn mindfulness – there are lots of great free apps (such as Headspace) that you can use to guide you through breathing techniques and meditation that can help ease your anxiety and clear your mind of anxious thoughts. You could also try some yoga as a way to relax and boost your mood. There are lots of YouTube videos you can use to suit your ability and level of mobility.
  • Exercise – whether it’s a 9am online class with Joe Wicks or a brisk walk around the block, exercise is one of the most powerful ways to boost your mental and physical health
  • Clean up your social media – you might be spending more time than usual scrolling on social media. But have you ever thought about how this could be affecting your mental health? Try unfollowing or muting accounts that make you feel anxious, upset or angry. Find positive accounts like @youngmindsuk that boost your mood and share your interests. For more tips on having a positive time online, visit our page on social media and mental health.
  • Get outdoors – even if it’s sitting in the garden listening to music, the exposure to day light is important for your well-being. Remember this must not be with others outside of your family
  • Read a book – getting away from screens and reading a book can help you escape for a bit. Why not re-read one of your favourites, or get your friend to recommend one? It might be difficult to get a new book, but you can access lots of books online. are offering lots of free books at the minute
  • Play online games with friends – board games can be a great way to spend time with friends or family while giving you something to focus on. You can play a lot of these games online, like Monopoly or Chess, or via apps like Words With Friends 2.

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