Meadows Tramline Tree Project

Meadows Tramline Tree Project

November 7th 2013

The expansion of Nottingham’s Tram network has brought significant change to the Meadows community and nowhere more so than along the tree-lined boulevard of Queens Walk.

45 fully mature lime trees have been taken down to make way for the tram. The New Meadows Tenant’s and Resident’s Association (NEMTRA) have managed to save the trees for re-use in the community. This has provided an exciting opportunity for our students to shape their local environment and have an investment in the tram project.
The responses were imaginative and exciting. It is a valuable experience for students to work alongside a professional artist such as local sculptor Karl Wilby, to create designs for sculptured works that will be displayed at various sites in the newly developed tram route through the Meadows. A number of artists are working with a range of groups in the local
community to develop the Artwork.

Twenty Year 7 and Year 9 students worked with Karl to create designs for a pole that will be located near the entrance to the Victoria Embankment which is inspired by transport. Cycling has been a part of the Meadows culture for over 100 years. Students created their designs in clay. These were documented and then will be recreated by the artist in wood.