Special Educational Needs

The SENCo is responsible for the leadership and management of Special Educational Needs provision across the School. Specialist support for students is identified in collaboration with staff and parents and where appropriate, outlined in a student tracking document which details the SEN profile of the student and tracks academic progress against agreed targets. This enables students and staff to work collectively on specific targets that can be monitored on a regular basis. Our aim is to improve student access to the curriculum and raise standards of achievement for all groups of children. Such programmes may involve in-class support and/or withdrawal work to promote individual student confidence and raise self esteem.

Teaching and Learning Assistants may support students in specific curriculum areas or provide more specialist support in the focussed area.
The local offer for Nottingham City can be found below:

SEN Information Report
SEN Online Support


Diane Mather-Craddock

SEN Administrative Asssistant

Asher Levin

Director of Inclusion