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Our Mission and Values

We are a Church of England Academy; a distinctive educational community for all based upon Christian faith and values. Our core mission is “to remove barriers to learning, ensuring that our students can live life in all of its fullness both academically and personally.  Our vision statement is:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Philippians 4:13

This verse shows us that Christ and faith provides us with the strength and resilience to overcome barriers within our own lives. We believe that education is a vehicle to transform lives, remove barriers to learning and provide each child with the opportunity to not only learn and grow, but also to develop aspiration and character.

Nottingham Emmanuel School develops the ‘whole child’ ensuring that students CAN through faith achieve academic greatness alongside becoming resilient, hardworking and community-focused individuals who are prepared to go the extra mile to serve and support others.

We believe that that we can find the strength to thrive; through drawing on the strength and comfort that our faith provides.

Our belief is that every student is unique and valued by God and we encourage all of our students to take an active role in serving others both within and beyond the school community through the House System.  Our students are passionate about justice on a local, national and global scale.  They are proud that faith dialogue is valued so highly in our community.

The work of the school centres on the four values of Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity which run through all of interactions with each other as well as our decision making processes.  Each of our four values are associated with a piece of scripture, which enables the school community to fully understand and engage with each of them.

Each of our four Houses is named after a prominent Christian (Booth, Luther-King Junior, Pullinger and Romero) who lived their life in a way which enabled these four values to shine through.  This supports both staff and students to see how the values can and do impact our daily lives.

We have taken inspiration for our four core values from the Church of England Vision for Education (2016) and believe in promoting life in all its fullness for all who form part of our school community. (John 10:10)

Since the founding of Emmanuel School, there has been a committed team of staff working to support and promote a caring Christian ethos across the whole school under the umbrella term ‘Chaplaincy team’. The current team is led by Sarah Anderson (Vice Principal). Members of the team come from a variety of church backgrounds and include staff and ministers. The work of the team focuses on:

  • Leadership and management
  • Engagement in collective worship
  • Supporting staff, parents and students on their faith journey
  • Developing biblical literacy, prayer and self-reflection

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The Nottingham Emmanuel School
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