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Department of Engineering at the University of Nottingham Visit

On Wednesday 20 December 2017, Emmanuel students from years 8, 9 and 10 enjoyed a rewarding afternoon in the Department of Engineering at The University of Nottingham. Their time was spent getting to grips with hands-on activities including lots of fun with liquid Nitrogen – smashing quick-frozen flowers was a popular activity, but not as popular as tasting instant ice-cream prepared using liquid Nitrogen! Amongst many other activities on offer, some students got lost in a world of virtual reality, discovered 3D-printed objects and found out how a jet engine is put together.

At the end of the session, the students were treated to an “explosive” Christmas Lecture by Professor Ed Lester, which included firing dry ice cannons, exploding bins and an instant cloud made using liquid Nitrogen, as well as finding out about some of the ways that nanotechnology might improve all our lives in the future.

Beth (Y8)
“My favourite part was when they made the cloud and smashing flowers!”

Flavia (Y9)
“What I liked the most was that we learned a lot about engineers and what they do, and I liked the experiments we did. It was really fun”

Sebastian (Y0)
“The trip has inspired me to realise how great science can be.”

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