The Careers and Employability Programme

The Nottingham Emmanuel School has a stable, annual careers programme, enabling students to learn about the opportunities available to them as well as experiencing the world of work and learning from local careers events.

Year Group

Key Aims



To enable students to explore their values, skills and aspirations.

  1. Unifrog Careers library treasure  hunt
  2. What are employability skills?
  3. Identifying interests
  4. Unifrog Personality profile
  5. My dream job
  6. Careers and Employability AOW


To further explore future pathways and develop character skills.

  1. Unifrog Careers library treasure hunt
  2. Unifrog Interests profile
  3. Unifrog Personality profile
  4. GCSEs, choices, choices, choices
  5. What does success mean to you?
  6. What are employability skills
  7. Careers and Employability AOW


To develop an aspirational action plan and further explore potential pathways through use of Labour Market Information and interactions with local employers and education providers

  1. What makes a great leader?
  2. Talking about your activities
  3. Unifrog Interest profile
  4. Unifrog Personality profile
  5. Your skills, your team, your future
  6. Post 16 intentions
  7. Visiting speakers from different industries
  8. Into University
  9. University visit
  10. Careers and Employability AOW


Develop employability skills and engage with local employers and education providers.

  1. Unifrog Interest profile
  2. Unifrog Personality profile
  3. Post 16 intentions
  4. Maximising your potential
  5. CV’s and cover letters
  6. A level choices
  7. Further opportunities to meet local employers, training providers and higher education colleges during the Archway Careers Fair.
  8. Work experience programme
  9. Development of CV’s, interview and application skills.
  10. Into University


To ensure all students have a plan for post 16 through consolidation of the range of pathways available.

  1. Unifrog Interest profile
  2. Unifrog Personality profile
  3. Post 16 intentions
  4. Opportunity for a 1:1 careers advice and guidance interview with a careers advisor.
  5. Support with applications for post 16 destinations.
  6. Into University
  7. Careers and Employability AOW

Sixth Form Careers Provision

Unifrog Launched at the beginning of Year 12, the Unifrog platform underpins the careers strategy for all students in Year 12 and Year 13. Unifrog tools are used by students and staff to ensure that up to date and comprehensive careers information is available. The libraries, videos and careers profiles allow students to gain an insight into industry, whilst the university tools provide direct links to HE providers and support students in preparing the documentation required for their next steps e.g. personal statements and CVs. Dedicated sessions are included in the tutor programme (once a term) to enable students have the opportunity to receive guidance / complete relevant activities on the platform.


Unifrog Enterprise Project Enterprise Activity launched to celebrate National Skills and Enterprise Week. The aim is to develop transferable skills e.g. innovation, teamwork, communication, research and report writing, in a project environment.


Young Professionals Well established links with Young Professionals founded by Dan Miller (an award winning entrepreneur from Derby) who set up his business ‘Young Professionals’ at 16 years old to help improve the careers advice available in schools.


Year 12 Students attend a one day Young Professionals Student Conference at Pride Park in Derby to learn about the opportunities available to them with global brands – specifically degree apprenticeships.


Young Professionals also run a series of ‘Get into Industry’ events e.g. ‘Get into Law’ and ‘Get into Finance’.  More recently they have expanded to include online (industry specific) work experience schemes. These are promoted via our helpful links document.

AOW Programme The AOW schedule and Masterclass Programme aims to secure a range of speakers including HE institutions, businesses and charitable organisations. Q & A opportunities are incorporated at the end of each session and/or drop in sessions are arranged at break or lunchtime if applicable.

Key speakers summarised below:

  1. National Citizenship Service Routes into Nursing (Thomas Stackpoole
  2. Nottingham University) NHS Volunteering Opportunities PEARS Project (Liz Charalambous -NUH)
  3. GP Masterclass (Chanele Blackwood)
  4. Routes into Medicine (Helen Wilkinson Head of Medical HR – NUH)
  5. Ambition Scheme (Zach Jones – Nottingham University)
  6. Nottingham Street Doctors Team
  7. Be a Lifesaver (Organ Donation) – Keith Sudbury
  8. Pharmacology (Richard Roberts – Nottingham university)
  9. Law Masterclass (Tariq Singh – DANCOP)
  10. Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship Programme
  11. NMCN PLC (Sarah Jackson – Best Woman Quantity Surveyor)
  12. DANCOP – The UCAS Journey / Interview Skills and Preparation / Making the Most of Work Shadowing

ASK Apprenticeships

Mock in Interview Event An opportunity for all Year 12 students to experience a one to one interview with an industry professional. The interview lasts for 15 minutes (10 minutes of questioning and 5 minutes of feedback). This event is well supported by employers with a wealth of experience and from various business sectors.


Next Steps Programme (Level  2  Students only) The ‘Next Steps’ programme, includes in school workshops, external site visits and one to one careers interviews for our Level 2 students. This aims to increase student awareness of the range of opportunities available to them following the successful completion of our Level 2 programme and provide personalised support to maximise the success of their applications.


Programme Outline:

  1. Nottingham College Site Visit and overview workshop (courses/application process etc.).
  2. One to one interviews with Sixth Form Staff / Luminate (External Careers Advisor). Focusing on application support and the creation of personalised career development plans.
  3. Words for Work programme – interview skills, writing a CV, writing a formal email, presentation skills etc.
  4. Money twist – money matters, payslips, budgeting etc.


HE+ Programme This programme operates in conjunction with Cambridge University and other local Sixth Form Providers within the Nottingham Consortium. It aims to encourage high achieving year 12 students to submit applications to top universities.


This year the school contributed to the masterclass programme at the launch event where VWI explored the topic of Forensic Science on the humanities subject stream.


Programme Outline:

  1. Launch event
  2. Visit to Cambridge University
  3. Student Conference & Graduation


Summer School Programmes University Summer School Programmes & Taster Days are promoted through AOWs and Google Classrooms to encourage students to apply.


Examples include:

  1. Sutton Trust
  2. Social Mobility
  3. University of Nottingham – Ambition Programme and Nottingham Potential
  4. University of Surrey


Apprenticeship Support A visit to Nottingham College Apprenticeship Fair for Year 12 students interested in apprenticeships enabled students to explore the opportunities available with local employers and learn more about the application process.


Students are encouraged to attend apprenticeship fairs taking place during National Apprenticeship Week. These include Nottingham Trent University’s Meet the Employer Event and Nottingham College’s Apprenticeship Fair.


DANCOP Apprenticeship Specialists run workshop sessions for Year 12 students interested in apprenticeships. Workshops focused on types of apprenticeships, where to find them and making successful applications.


ASK Apprenticeships also provide 1:1 support sessions for Year 13 student not applying to university and seeking Higher / Degree level apprenticeships.


Work Shadowing All Year 12 students studying Level 3 Programmes are encouraged to arrange a work shadowing placement at the beginning of July. All placements are registered with and verified by Safety Measures.


Students are also supported if they wish to undertake additional placements throughout the academic year e.g. hospital work placements for aspiring medics or work placements in court for aspiring lawyers. These are promoted through AOWs and Google Classrooms.


‘Talk the Talk’ workshop facilitated by the Four Acre Trust A one day workshop for all Year 12 students delivered by the Four Acre Trust.  ‘Talk the Talk’ aims to equip students with the skills required to become ‘confident communicators’ and become better equipped to be socially mobile.


Student Finance


Student Finance Toolkit & The Money Charity resources used to deliver key messages about financial planning to Year 12 (during the tutor programme) and Year 13 (students applying for student finance). The aim is to increase student understanding of some of the key concepts associated with financial independence as well as explain the process of applying for Student Finance.



































Year 13 UCAS Parents Evening to explain the process of applying to university, provide information about student finance and respond to questions.


Year 12 students attend the regional UCAS Higher Education Exhibition to research the opportunities available to them. Prior to this ‘Making the most of UCAS Fayres’ AOW will helps them to prepare and enable them to maximise this experience.


Oxbridge applicants are provided with specific support:

  1. Students are also encouraged to apply for additional programmes e.g. UNIQ Summer School at Oxford, Easter Summer School at Cambridge University and UCAT Preparation Courses.
  2. Students are encouraged to attend external events e.g. Oxbridge Information Evening at BCA.
  3. Individual meetings arranged with Colin Sedgewick (UCAS advisor at Nottingham High School) for personal statement support and interview preparation.
  4. MMI Interview Events / Online Interviews attended by medical applicants and NES staff (e.g. at The Becket School and in conjunction with Toot Hill School). During the pandemic, face to face events substituted with online interviews (via Teams) with Helen Wilkinson (Head of Medical HR) and Adrian Wills (Consultant Neurologist)
  5. Mock interviews with SLT (NES) / Trust CEO (Sian Hampton)


Year 12 students attend a UCAS drop down day and guided through the UCAS registration process, personal statements and resources that enable them to carry out some wider reading/MOOC courses in preparation for university.


DANCOP provided a series of personal statement workshops to Year 12 in the summer term and Year 13 during the autumn term.


Advancing Access provided a CPD training session for all Sixth Form Tutors to share best practice in relation to personal statements and reference writing.  The aim is to ensure that all staff can provide high quality feedback and up to date advice to students throughout the UCAS application process.


Reference writing Training session for Subject Teachers to share best practice messages from Advancing Access and how to record references centrally on unifrog.


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