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National Youth Orchestra visits in inspirational music event

The Nottingham Emmanuel School in West Bridgford were hosts to a visit by the National Youth Orchestra (NYO) on their tour to bring inspirational music to UK schools.

Students at the school participated in workshops demonstrating each of the musical instruments and their roles in the orchestra and the day culminated in a spectacular performance of inspiring music.

Nottingham Emmanuel School were also joined by students from across The Archway Learning Trust to share in the experience.

Martha Toogood is the Arts Enrichment and Enhancement Coordinator at The Archway Learning Trust and said that she hoped the event would be a stimulus for more students to develop their interest in music and perhaps take up their own instrument. “Emmanuel was immersed in music and passion when the National Youth Orchestra played, the air was literally buzzing with beautiful, bold, stunning sounds and energy. This orchestra of teenagers inspired an enthusiastic audience of hundreds of students and staff who welcomed them to every corridor and classroom, gym, music rooms and even the sports hall to join in making and enjoying music.

“This was such an incredible day, supported both by Emmanuel’s music department and Archway Learning Trust. We know the National Youth Orchestra will inspire and strengthen our young music makers and continue to be the talk of the school.”

Nottingham Emmanuel School student Medhi Moad Yallas (age 11) said the experience has inspired him to pursue making his own music. “I have really enjoyed it! I used to play the guitar and I listen to a lot of music at home, mainly rock. I think I will carry on with my guitar now definitely. I have really enjoyed listening to the musicians, they are really good!”

Kirah Wynter-Higgins (age 11) agreed with Medhi saying, “I have really enjoyed it too. The music is really good, and I also enjoy listening to music. I used to play the piano and listening to the orchestra really makes me want to try a new instrument.”

Fellow student Ruby Wittel (age 11) was also inspired. “Their music is really good, and I liked learning about the different instruments. I used to play the violin and I think if I had to choose an instrument to play now, I might go back to the violin, -or perhaps try the drums!”

Visiting with his school, The Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, was Head Boy, Reuben Hallsworth-Woods (Year 10). Reuben says he has played the trumpet since his primary school was given a grant to support pupils to study a new instrument. He has since gone on to join various orchestras including Nottingham’s Youth Orchestra and says his enjoyment of playing has increased over the years. “I think this event at Emmanuel is a good way of opening up students to the different types of music that exist and to discover that orchestras don’t just play classical music. It is very important that the younger generation don’t get tied up on one type of music, they should explore different styles.

“I would recommend that students take up an instrument, to find out what they like, or don’t like! I know when I first started that I didn’t have a particularly positive image for playing the trumpet or any instrument in fact! But taking part and seeing the results,- and the music you can produce, not to mention the events you can take part in, is really sensational!”

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